Friday, May 16, 2008

Weird $1 Mail

Got an envelope in the mail it had $1.00 postage due. Well it was fairly thick, so thought it might have been something small ordered and forgotten. When opened up was treated to a diatribe about a dozen pages some printed off the Internet about, murderous Jehovah's Witnesses, super-men she-males, with hand written notes on the pages pointing out certain aspects of the articles, how they would make a great novel or song . . .
WOW that was the weirdest mail ever received, almost worth the $1.00 . . .

Shooters bibles, and other books about guns.

Music Baron stopped by, traded flyers.

New Stock on the shelves:
003577 English Gunmakers: The Birmingham and Provincial Gun Trade in the 18th and 19th Century De Witt Bailey and Douglas A. Nie Hardcover Collectible: Very Good Very Good+. /Very Good. The DustJacket is protected inside an archival plastic protector sleeve. red dj. The corner front flap of the DustJacket has been price clipped. $111.00

003576 Surface Japan;: Short notes of a swift survey, Don Carlos Seitz Hardcover Used: Acceptable Poor. red boards. tipped in color plates. Silverfish predation to covers. There is rub-through to the corners. severe wear to spine ends. $25.00

003575 Japanese Erotic Art and the Life of the Courtesan (41 color plates) Richard Illing Paperback Collectible: Very Good Very Good-. yellow wraps. Softcover bound book. rubbing to corners, light shelf wear, Sunned - the spine is sun-faded. $17.00

003574 First Things Fast: A Handbook for Performance Analysis Allison Rossett Hardcover Used: Like New $28.00

003573 IMS Crash Course Steven Shepard Paperback Used: Like New $9.00

003572 Straight on Till Morning: A Biography of Beryl Markham Mary S. Lovell Hardcover Collectible: Very Good Very Good. Very Good. The DustJacket is protected inside an archival plastic protector sleeve. ink inscription on fly. $13.00

003571 Phallism in Ancient Worships: Influence of the Phallic Idea in the Religions of Antiquity Hodder M. Westropp & C. Staniland Wake Hardcover Collectible: Good Good+. no dj issued brown boards, title centered on cover. spine title faded. minor fray to spine ends. $28.00

003570 Faking It: An International Bibliography of Art & Literary Forgeries, 1949-1986 James Koobatian Paperback Collectible: Very Good Very Good. ISBN: 0871113201. Softcover TradePaperback (large size paperback) Binding. rubbing to edges, light shelf wear. spine lightly sunned. [While this bibliography does not claim to be exhaustive, it does bring together citations to the great majority of works concerned with this troublesome yet fascinating subject. Due to the international scope of the bibliography and the need to keep it to a manageable length, it was not possible to write annotations for most entries.] $100.00

003569 Archery for All Daniel Roberts Hardcover Used: Very Good Very Good-. /Good+. blue-green dj. $28.00

003568 *Signed* Cyclone Racer Doug Drummond Paperback Used: Very Good This copy is *AUTOGRAPHED/SIGNED* by Doug Drummond on the front fly, inscribed. $7.00

003567 Fads and Quackery in Healing; An analysis of the foibles of the healing cults, with essays on various other peculiar notions in the health field Morris Fishbein Hardcover Used: Good Good+. green boards. rubbing spine ends. $19.00

003566 Leg Art: Celebrating a Century of Love and Devotion to the Photogenic Wonders of the Prettiest Girls With the Prettiest Legs in the Most Glamorous Pr Madison S. Lacy & Don Morgan; foreword James Cagney Hardcover Used: Good Good+. /Good-. dark pink dj. Closed tears to DustJacket, $25.00

003565 Audio Engineering 1951 Full Year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December (Magazine) Hardcover Used: Good Bound collection Jan-Dec 1951. Successor to 'Radio'. 9'' x 12'' (aprox.), Maroon boards. $36.00

003564 Illuminated Manuscripts: Medieval Hunting Scenes Gabriel Bise Hardcover Collectible: Very Good Very Good. /Very Good-. The DustJacket is protected inside an archival plastic protector sleeve. white dj. dj somewhat sunned. $25.00

003562 German Pistols and Revolvers, 1871-1945 Ian V Hogg Hardcover Used: Very Good Very Good. /Good. red dj. Closed tears to DustJacket, tape to dj. $19.00

003560 Handguns '89 Wiley M. Clapp Paperback Used: Very Good Softcover TradePaperback (large size paperback) Binding. $17.00

003559 Spacetimewarp paintings (portfolio, complete) Richard M. Powers Unbound Collectible: Very Good Very Good+. /Good. cover complete with all 16 plates. VG+ plates in G cover - rubbing to edges, small closed tears edges, chip bottom rear. SPACETIMEWARP: Paintings R. M. Powers. folio published by Nelson Doubleday in 1983. 16 FULL-COLOR PAINTINGS OF fFLAR AND fFLARIANS SUITABLE FOR FRAMING.Absurreal Algorithm(s). Bivariates. Parapsychotic Landscapes with Figures, Many of Them Visible. Alternate/Simultaneous Universe with Metamorphic Transfigurations. Sublimations. Subversions. Retinal Therapy. $60.00

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