Back to the Sanding

We're about 2/3 to 3/4 done it looks like.


L.A. Times Festival of Books Sunday 29th

Day 2
Started the day with the Cartoonists. 11:00 North 'C' PANEL 2031 10:00 AM The Sunday Funnies Mr. Bill Amend (Foxtrot), Mr. Wiley Miller (Non Sequitor) Went and picked up his kids book early from 829 whale of a tale, and brought it to the signing, Mr. Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine), Mr. Jerry Scott (artist for Baby Blues & Zits) He wasn't signing. Good thing we went early, once the panel was out there was a mob of a line. Afterwards we went and took a load of signed books to the car.
We started the line at 12:20 for the 1:00 Berkeley Breathed Mars Needs Moms (Bloom County, Outland, Opus) SUN 813 Duttons.
Managed to convince Duttons to go 3 old for each new books purchased.
Trotted over to the 1:00 Michael Connelly sun 1-2 411 mystery bookstore - he's a quick signer.
Then down to 1:30 South 'Z' Ms. Jane Smiley, another quick trip, I expected a larger line.
Back up to Mystery Bookstore for 2:00 411 Walter Mosley
After that we just wandered, found some interesting things, bookmark/bracelets, and local histories that I'll try and get for the store.

Found an amazing photo/art book at Baby Tattoo Books Booth # 234 VISIONS FROM WITHIN THE MECHANISM: THE INDUSTRIAL SURREALISM OF JEFFERY SCOTT (1019)

Then we left early.


L.A. Times Festival of Books Saturday 28th

Day 1
Shelley, Bain & Aric

First signature of the day 10:00 #411 Frank Beddor mystery bookstore

Wandered a bit until 11:30 513 Hilary Knight - Eloise artist at every picture tells a story, I'd always thought Hilary Knight was a woman, but he's an elderly english man. Polite with a nice signatues, but no sketching.

11:00 #411 Robert Crais mystery bookstore, skipped the mile long Mary Higgins Clark line and just got Crais.

12:30 South "X" PANEL 1102 11:30 AM Fiction: Writing Across Genres
Ms. Francesca Lia Block,
Ms. S.E. Hinton, a nice late middle age sort of woman. Another whose gender I'd always been confused on.

1:00 411 Christopher Moore mystery bookstore, a funny funny guy.

2:00 614 Walter Mosley mysterious galaxy - his plane was late or something and he was a no-show

3:30 Storyopolis Michael Hague, did wonderful sketches in every book, but took his time, it was well after 4:30 by the time we were done.

3:10 Target Stage - Julie Andrews - didn't even try the line was giant last year, but she did stop by Storyopolis while we were getting sketches from Hague. Target security emptied the stall for her, and then blocked all view and stood around while she was back in there doing something...

Then Bain and Aric stood around one of the exits and passed out a few flyers.
Bushed, but it beats sanding :)


Even yet more sanding

Up late last night doing end of the month paperwork, and almost all of it will get out in time...
Even yet more sanding, but we look to be half way there!

Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be at UCLA at the L.A. Times Festival of Books, passing out flyers.


a Sandy day

Did some work on a flyer to take to the L.A. Times Festival of Books this weekend. Then it was back to sanding. Bain showing off his dual sanding technique.


and there was Sand(ing) as far as the eye could see...

There was a tad bit of routing still to do, the 12" bookcases. Then on to the sand(ing) pit.
We got about hmmm 1/4 to 1/3 done with sanding. Dave Smith's orbital sanders and Chris Nezzer's, & Greg Arnold's vacuums coming in very handy. Rubios for lunch as you can see...


Rout, Sand, Repeat

Last but one of 365 shelves routed.
Then there were none.Aric finished routing the shelves for most of the bookcases, while Bain sanded nearly a quarter of them.

A fairly repetitive day! but quite a bit was accomplished, even if it only looks like we moved pile of boards from one stack to another ;)
And my hearing will probably recover eventually...


Rout, Sand

Got the extra wood from Mark's garage. Shawn Hart came by to drop off a sander. Got some sanders from Dave Smith. Bain cut the 12" boards for bookcases. Aric routed shelves. Loudly.
Bain sanded shelves.

End of Day pic



Went and got a few things at Home Depot in the morning, drill bits, router parts, sandpaper, etc. Arrived at the store around 11:00,. Bain cut wood until 6:45 and finally finished all the main cuts, with some minimal assistance from Aric, 427 shelves, 61 tops, 61 footers, 61 nailers, 142 uprights.

Greg got his router table set up for the very first time.

All the sawdust shows up the spiderwebs
We did a test build on one bookcase and it looks like the design is fine. Aric routed a few shelves, but then we built a smaller table for the router to make it work easier. That weird electrical problem is gone again.

All the cut wood.


Wood ! aah the Wood!

Went to Chris Nezzer's home and got a bunch of tools in the morning. Finished cleaning up the lights and putting the covers back on. That strange electrial problem is back, exactly as before - no idea what's up with that.
The Wood arrived around 12:30, thankfully there was no rain so we didn't need to rush it inside. 274 1"x10"x12' boards, plus 109 4'x8' hardboard backing, plus sundry other pieces. We got them inside by about 3:30-4:00. Then started cutting. Bain did all of the saw work.

We got all the upright 8' pieces done, and all the tops and 1/4 of the shelves cut by 7:00.


Ready to start bookcases

Rain all day. Finished cleaning up the demo debris. Finished patching the carpet. Did some touch-up paint on the walls, and light covers. Started to make the jig table for bookcases. Cleaned some of the lights. Paul Rosse came by and dropped off a compressor and nail-gun, and Dave Smith's cross-cut saw, and we got that set up. Chris Nezzer came and wired up the new lights. The mysterious electrical problem was gone - likely SCE had a wire down in the wind the other day.
The wood for the bookcases should arrive between 12-5 on tomorrow, Saturday.


Carpet patching

Recycled some junk books :( Figured out how to do the carpet patching and cut the pieces and started gluing. Got some information about the signage.


More this and that

Picked up 4th load of books from La Palma. Cleaned up some more of the debris. Bain got the wiring set up for the new light, but not yet connected.

Aric got some advertising in the Albertsons register tape set up. Chris Nezzer came by and took a look at the electrical problem, and found many interesting things, but not a solution... yet. Greg Arnold came by and put a second coat of paint on the ceiling, it's looking quite nice now.


Clean up and fix up

Went and got another load of books from La Palma in the morning. Spent the morning shopping for bits and pieces of stuff needed. Bain got the lights up and installed, but not yet wired. Then we tried to find out how to patch the carpet.


Getting Ready

Went to Home Depot and ordered the $5k of wood for the bookcases, then cleaned up some at the store. Shelley & I went to get a 2nd load of books from La Puente.


Start of fix up

Shelley & I went and got a load of books. Greg Arnold spray painted the ceiling, with help from Bain. We salvaged a bunch of 2x4s. Last night we purchased two more florescent light boxes to install.


2nd Day of Demolition

Got the last wall out quickly. Fixed the lights, moved some, and rewired the light switch. Cleaned up and took out the floor bolts.
End of Day photo


1st Day Demolition

Out the Front Door.The Front.Down the Hall.
The Office
Me, my Dad Bain, and David Vendl got 5 of the 6 walls down, most of them taken apart and half of it trashed.

Bain doing demo.

Saturday should see the last of the demolition and finish the clean up.
Sunday we'll look into patching the carpet & painting the ceiling.
By Monday or Tuesday we should be ready to start building bookcases.