Open Memorial Day

Cleaned up and organized the other closet.

We messed about with the computer(s), may be able to salvage most.

James stopped by.

We'll be open on Monday as usual.


signs & labels

We put up a bunch of instore signage/labels, things should be very easy to find now.

Hubbell was here.

We finished shelving the last of the leftovers from the old store, from now on we'll finally be getting new stock on the shelves.

Purchased a few old books.
(no not these, these came in the other day, but they are pretty)


last bookcase attached

Purchased a box of Science, Politics & Philosophy books - and shelved them.

We attached the last of the 2x4 braces, cut a backing for one of the 1/3 size cases, and attached the last 4 1/3 size bookcases.

Hubbell was here.

Shelved some more Art books.

Paid bills.

Revised the tri-fold flyer, for the new location, layout-map, address, phone, etc.


more Signed books shelved

Fixed up the 'kitchen' and built the shelf for the fridge.

We priced and shelved 4 boxes of Signed books (Laurell Hamilton, Stuart Woods, Eric Idles, Bob Barker, Clive Barker, James Rollins, & more), and a huge box of new/rare Toys & Games (Lego, Futurama, Rock/Horror 'N' the box figures, movie figures, more).
More progress on getting the Sign moved.


Art history

Fixed the register receipt phone number.

Purchased 7 boxes of Art books, shelved a couple of boxes already mostly quite inexpensive & under $7 each. We processed and packed the online orders.


Signed: George, Woods, Connelly, Clark, Parker, more.

Shelved 4 boxes of various things, some HD-DVDs, CD's and other obsolete media.

We priced and shelved 3 boxes of signed books.
Then fixed some online listings.


packing and shelving

Finished processing/packing online orders, and they've been picked up.

Paid bills.

We sent in an application for SCE's summer discount plan.

Packing supplies arrived.

Shelved some vintage books, nice late 1800's bindings.


down with politics

We marked down the political section, many to $3.95, and more on the $1.00 cart out front.

Straightened out the Hardcover fiction a bit.

Shelved 2 boxes of unsorted books, all subjects.

Started processing the online orders.


Toys stored

Took in some vintage classics.

Shelved 4 boxes of inexpensive hardcover/tpb's (all under $10).

We sorted & re-shelved 6 boxes of collectables & Toys, and a box of Art books. That should be the last of the stuff from the old store, everything ought to be re-shelved now.


more Art books shelved

Took an suv-load of books from stanton storage over to the new store.

We shelved 7 boxes of collectable books.

Hubbell was here.

The new computer is good so far, and the main one is still good, might make the p2 into a mp3 player.


more computations

Organized and sorted some of the comics.

We sorted & re-shelved 13 boxes of collectable books.

Purchased a new secondary computer - hand delivered - from craigslist.


what to light

We shelved and sorted 6 more boxes of collectable books.

Have a couple of quotes for the lighting , now have to figure out what to do.


quick shipping

Processed & packed online orders - they'll actually go out today, since the mail pickup is usually later in the day over here in Long Beach.

Called some electricians for estimates to get more lighting.

We sorted & re-shelved 11 boxes of collectable books, many kids books, car books, role playing games, and comics.


Processed & packed the online orders.

We sorted & re-shelved 3 boxes of collectable books.


Moving 2nd to last bit

Moved a storage unit. Not the one we wanted to, the other one, but well enough.

Scott, Spencer & David assisted. The initial unloading was a bit hampered by the entire load trying to fall out the back of the truck...
Unfortunately Hubbell bailed so the store was closed for most of the day.


Filling History

We stuffed the American History/California History section, with many of the collectable books from the 13 boxes we unpacked, with Hubbell's help.

We loaded around 2/5ths of the LB storage into the truck, with David's help.


continuing to load up the shelves

We sorted & shelved 5 boxes of collectable books.

Rented a new storage unit, & reserved a truck for the weekend.

Hubbell was here.

Picked up an old computer at the thrift store, and spent the evening trying to get the other computers to run.



Organized moving the storage unit on Sunday.

Alphabetized the modern lit/General fiction large paperbacks.

Tracy stopped by!

Ordered yellow pages ads, just missed the deadline for AT&T, and Verizon doesn't come out December...

We reshelved 8 boxes of collectables.

Click the images to see larger versions and read the titles.


Cards ok

The Grand Opening sign blew off the cart twice yesterday (and surprizingly didn't shatter) so we decided to leave it off.

Ordered postal supplies.

Verizon installed a phone line, so we can process credit cards again.

More donations (thanks Charlie).

Had to cull the business a bit already.

Now accepting Credit Cards

Now accepting Credit Cards - again finally.


9 up

Fixed the socket on the T8 8' light that fell out of the ceiling the other week, and put in a new bulb. That gets a little more light in the back there.

Paid #@#$ parking ticket.

We re-shelved 9 boxes of collectable books.

Click on the images below for large high-quality images and see each book.


What it might look like if we can get the old sign moved to the new location.


it's the little things

Already books coming in all day.

Hooked up the pc speakers (yesterday), so we can listen to Pandora today.

Added the Google free call widget to the blog.

Processed the online orders.

Ordered a setup that should get our credit card terminal working by Thursday.

Fixed one of the lights in the display window.

Cleaned out the front closet.

Started organizing the comics.



Attached a couple of the endcaps and moved the collectable paperbacks into one of them.



Not a terribly busy day, but that did allow us to get the online orders processed.

Hubbell was here.

We rearranged the Fantasy, alphabetized the Romance paperbacks, and cleaned out the back room a bit.

Then we finally discovered why there the lights out front were not on, all the bulbs were burnt out. So we managed to get them changed out without electrocuting ourselves.


Open for Friday

The Grand Opening went well, a fair crowd showed up for the First Friday.

The reading went well.

Greg tried to revive the computer. David, Jonathan & Hubbell showed up.

We managed to get everything shelved!

Reading for the event were Jane Bernstein, Alicia Adams, Sophia Morales, and Alan Passman, in front of us.

First Friday in front of the store.


Ready as we can

If it isn't done now, it won't get done by tomorrow.
Everything is shelved, but for some History & National Geographic Magazines. All the bookcases are in place. Still need to vacuum, but we'll do that in the morning.
We will be able to accept credit cards, but we'll have to run them by hand.


Got Religion

We shelved the Religion, Self-Help, Medical, New Age, Computers, Music, Manga, Animals, & Plants, the rest of the Romance, & Adventure, and some of the Role Playing Games, Toys, Games, & Comics with assistance from David. Processed the online orders.
Cut down a pile of empty boxes.
Called Costco for new credit card processor, but no reply.