Young Adult chapter books, Comics, Rain

Raining moderately hard all day.
The flashing came off the roof facade again (3rd time) and it was dripping onto the ceiling and leaking into one of the light fixtures when I arrived this morn. Called the landlord and he sent someone out around 1 pm. Seems to have re-attached it for now, but it need to be redone, and they say they will.

Diamond Comics shipment arrived.

Shelved 4 or 5 stacks of young adult paperbacks, good stuff IMOHO.

End of month sales didn't quite beat October, shoots holes my 'slowly improving every month' theory :}


Closed mostly

Closed for most of the day, did errands, and shopping that I've not been able to do in the evenings.
Stopped in to unload, and there were people in instantly, so actually made some sales anyway.


Finished shelving those fantasy magazines.
Finally got some more paperbacks out.


Listing away ... slowly into not much ...

But didn't really get a lot done, managed to get through a stack of comic magazines, some Conan, Creepy & other Warren mags, Heavy Metal, some fantasy novels, a Richard Corben Den Graphic Novel, and some Playboys.


paperwork and online sales

7 orders online
paperwork & bills
Listed 6 older somewhat rare books.


Bit chilly out today. Not a whole lot of people in, but more than last week. Didn't really get much new out, but managed to clear a spot off the counter.


Car Photo/Coffee Table books

Fairly busy day, but did get 2 more boxes of Automobile photo books out $6.95 each.


Fairly busy, but not gang-busters.
Going to have a student film shoot in the store in 2 weeks.


Happy Thanksgiving

Not too surprisingly no one stopped by.


Car-load of Car Books, Price reduction on Religion

Reduced prices on the Religion / Religious / Christian books, MANY down to $3.95 They have price stickers on the spine for easy recognition.
Just purchased 3 boxes of photo books about Cars & Automobiles.
They'll get on the shelf right away, they mostly look to be $6.95


Major fog bank last night, could barely get home. Didn't help that the 405 N ramp was closed and had to take surface streets.

Vacuumed the store
SUV registration renewed
paperwork & bills

Shelved a few comics.


Trucks & Tractors

Little bit late opening, after going to the PO this morning to send a package.
Finished listing and shelving that those new boxes of Manga I found.
3 online orders.
Worked on some special orders.
Resubmitted Craigslist ad and backpage ads to OCweekly & LAweekly
Shelved some photo books on Trucks & Tractors, a few DVDs, and a couple of games.


Reduced prices on Young Adult Hardcovers

Marked down a bunch of Young Adult Hardcovers to $3.95
Shelved a couple of stacks of Hardcover Thillers Fiction 1st Editions
Found another box of Manga.


Holiday Gift Certificates available

Printed some more coupon/flyers

Designed and printed Holiday Gift Certificates 5 packs.

Holiday Gift Certificates
5 Pack Special
5 individual Gift Certificates
each for one Free PaperBack book
$15.00 (up to $4.75 in savings!)
Great Stocking Stuffers!
Available for a Limited Time
no expiration date for redemption

Standard Gift Certificates also available in Any Denomination.

Listed some DVDs

Marked down a good third of the SF hardcover to $3.95


Military & Aviation large Photo books

USPS carrier didn't stop to pick up the outgoing packages, so there's 7 now, plus 1 I have to take to the PO since the pricing is different when I try pay it online than it shows it ought to be.
More design on the car & yard signs.
Shelved a stack of that military and aviation stuff from the other day, mostly inexpensive large photo books.


Diamond Comics shipment arrived.
4 online orders.
2 people came in, one to complain about the prices, and one to try and sell junk.


Manga & Signage

more Manga listed.
Worked on getting car-top sign, and Corrugated Plastic Signs to stick around, designed & emailed for prices.



Got the rest of the Manga up, and most of it listed.


$1.00 books, more Vintage Board Games

3 online orders.
$1.00 books
some more boards Games.


Closed for Fencing




More Games and Toys

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Mini Bobblers
Lord of the Rings Twilight Frodo Comic-con exclusive
Walt Disney's Donald's Treasure Hunt Puzzle
X-Men Crisis in the Danger Room
Walt Disney's Aladdin Jasmine Magic Ring Game
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Mickey's Playground
Willow the Board Game
Classics - Stratego, & Risk
Heavy Metal Tin Sign, & F.A.K.K.2 toy


Military coffee table, more Toys & T-Shirts

Purchased a stack of military coffee table books.
More Toys and some T-Shirts.
Earth X Statues - Hulk, Thor, Venom, Muppet Show Figure Beaker, Beetlejuice, Bettie Page.


Dark Tower Comic book Hardcover has arrived.

Dreary and overcast day, but there were actually a few customers.
Mostly spent the day messing around.

The eagerly awaited hardcover collection of Stephen King's Dark Tower Comic book has arrived.


X-mas Toys

5 online sales.

Credit cards juggling.

Put out some more toys and games for the xmas 'rush'


Open or Closed? Disney Book-Records

Looked into getting a line of mini-books from Dover.
Listed some Signed Comics.
Modified the open/closed sign to better show open hours/days.
Shelved a stack of Disney kids books with records.


A couple of online orders, had to cancel one because it was far to heavy to ship priority. Fixed listings to remove priority option on the really heavy books.

Shelved/priced 1 box of mostly cinema & music books.

Listed a shelf and a half of stuff.


Shelved/priced/listed 3 boxes with some military history (WW2), and Music Biography (classical, opera), Literary Biography, Science,


Discounted Fiction HardCovers

Went through the General/Historical/Thriller Fiction Hardcover books and marked a bunch of them down to $3.95, so there are some good deals in there now.

Shelved/priced/listed 4 boxes; lots of classical Music biography/history, some spy, science, and quite a few cookbooks.



Got kicked off FaceBook for being a bookstore...

Dealing with Credit Cards and Paperwork again.


Filing & paper shuffling

Credit Cards
you wouldn't think that would take all day.... gah.