More good stuff.

Sorted and shelved 2 boxes of history, music, science, medical, and other random stuff.


Create Storage, New Comics

Reorganized Mark's garage and made about 1/3 of empty, hopefully I can get rid of the storage unit now.

Opened late, but it's Thursday.

Diamond Comics arrived, Dark Tower, Girls & Corpses Magazine.


Mail & List

Printed & mailed press releases for the Jeffery Scott 1019 signing to the newspapers.

Listed stuff, Art How-To, Collecting.

Shelley stopped by and dropped off some stuff.


Magnetic Bookmarks

Listed lots of cheap stuff, Art, Ancient History, Artists, European/English History,

Magnetic bookmarks arrived.


New Sigings, Jasmine gone

Emailed the press releases for the Jeffery Scott 1019 Signing (and fixed the spelling of his name).

Jasmine got a job at High Voltage Tattoo, LA Ink cable TV show with Kat VonD - and she's really pleased.

Signing Events for September

Saturday September 22nd 4:00 p.m.
Surrealist Photographer Jeffery Scott (1019) will be Autographing his book Visions From Within the Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffery Scott (1019), and Original Prints at A Castle of Books located in south east Orange County at 7159 Katella Avenue, Stanton, 90680, just east of Knott Avenue, in the Katella Square Shopping Center on Saturday Sept. 22nd at 4:00 p.m.
Visual genius or visionary madman? Or both? Jeffery Scott is a photographic liar. Each image represents an average of fifty hours of meticulous work.


Saturday September 29th 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Adam Collings signing his history of California. California: West of the West

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There were a fair number of customers in, and they really made a mess of the sections they were looking at. I can't tell if something's missing or if it's been moved somewhere :} More trouble than necessary. Ah well, at least there were some sales...


Angus Oblong Autograph Event ...

The Official Oblong Event Flyer Leonard Nimoy shilling for Angus Oblong Angus Oblong Signing Creepy Susie (Signed softcover still available) Angus Oblong showing his stuff
Checking out the photos
Angus Oblong Signing The Oblongs... DVD (2 DVD's with laid in Autographs still available) Angus Oblong Signing panties The Golden Girls - Oblong style
Angus Oblong sketching Alice in Wonderland
Alice by Angus


1960's Comics

Shelved and listed a stack of comics from the late 1960's.



Shelved a stack of comics, and listed a few rare comics.

The Magic Book

Inside the front cover 1942
vintage scribbles, don't know about the color, but the ink is from a fountain pen.


New Signings set up

Jim & Timmy stopped by.

Confirmed the dates for the Jeffery Scott signing September 22nd, and the Adam Collings signing September 29th.

Roger of Once Read Books came by and dropped off more comics, and traded in some books on Reptiles.


Emails and Swimsuits

Finished sending emails to the big list of people whom I don't know but for some thought might be interested in a bookstore.

Shelved a box of paperbacks.

Batched up a lot of 14 Sports Illustrated magazine Swimsuit Editions.


Oh the Horror

Sent emails about the Angus Oblong signing.

Randy Collings called to schedule a signing perhaps in September.

Organized and expanded the Horror.

Shelved 5 boxes SF/Fantasy/Horror & a few mystery paperbacks.

A few more pics of Naked Apes

David's pics are now added.


From Spock to Bugs

I just couldn't resist any longer...

Shelved some books on Wicca & Witchcraft, and 2 boxes of Music, Politics & Biography, and more magazines.

Kill the Waaaabit!


Magazines, Trade-ins, Kids books

Wow there's like 7 people in the store- at the same time! :)
hmmm too bad only 2 of them got something :}

Shelved some foreign editions of Playboy magazines, National Geographics, Which-Way & Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Took in 6 boxes for trade.
Put up some Art Catalogs.