40 Boxes new stock

Purchased 37 boxes 3/4 of them fiction 3/4 of that mostly pb & TPB, but half the pb's were vintage, although not much of it is going to be collectable. A lot of contemporary, modern literature novels, some sports bio's, and politics. There are also about 4 boxes of coffee table size books, and history.

Traded 3 boxes of kids young adult chapter books for some sf.


Organized the History & Travel, Signed Sabuda

Organized the History and Travel sections, essentially sorted them by location, with some sections on early history. Egypt, Greek/Roman, Ancient History, Middle Ages, Renaissance, History-overviews, Europe, Russia, Ireland, England (4 shelves), American History - sorted into U.S. History-overviews, Revolution, Western America, Genealogy, 20th Century, States & Cities, Black History, Native American Indians, National Parks, then California History (2 shelves), Travel & Adventure, Mountaineering, Maps/Atlas', Islands, Africa, South America, South East Asia, Middle East, India, Latin America, China, Japan, Canada, Australia.

Shelved the box of Military, H-Bomb, Science, & Shakespeare books that were traded in today.

Dug out and shelved the box of Signed Robert Sabuda Pop-Up Books.

Started doing some comics, but didn't get far.


Paperbacks & Egyptian History shelved

Jasmine came by again today to price/shelve some more paperbacks, 3 boxes of them.

I shelved a 2 boxes of Egyptian history, just about finished with them, and sorted most of the stuff that's come in this last week.

There was a fair crowd in at various times, but not quite busy.


Old-Time Radio Signing event

Chris Lembesis, brought Randy Eidemiller, but Frank Bresee was unavailable due to a doctors apointment.
There wasn't much of a crowd, but they did make a few sales of their book SUSPENSE 1942-1962 RADIO'S OUTSTANDING THEATRE OF THRILLS which includes an introduction by Ray Bradbury, $25. Also available were The Six Shooter $5, Quiet Please $10, and Dragnet $5 by Chris Lembesis.
There are copies available, email old-timeradio@acastleofbooks.com for more info.

Randy & Chris.


New 'help' Posterizing, annoyance return

Jasmine came over this morning and helped out making label cards and pricing/shelving 2 boxes of paperbacks.

Shelley dropped off some more kids books and games.

The reptile store next door is having an anniversary sale with tents and balloons, and lots of snake handling :)

Made small window posters for The Naked Ape signing, and Angus Oblong signing.

Made & printed some Gift Certificates. Some cancer group is coming to pick one up for their fundraiser.

Shelved a few more things.

I cannot believe that beggar returned again today. I asked him to leave, and told him not to return, but I'm not sure he could hear me over his hollering of "what you gonna do!"


More Egypt shelved, returns, annoyances

Returned the erroneous order of non-autographed books. :( a shame there would have been some nice stuff.

Shelved & listed more Egyptian History, some nice stuff among the lot.

An overweight younger black man came into the store to beg for money (his third attempt) while I was waiting on a customer. He interrupted to ask for some money, and when I said "No, I'm dealing with a customer right now.", he became belligerent and said something like, "It's not like your customers matter." Needless to say he'll not be welcome to return.


New stock - Comics, & taxes

Sent the monthly Diamond comics order.

Had a dealer come in and make nice purchase of a couple of books.

Paid the BOE sales taxes.

Diamond comics delivery, some Anita Blake Vampire Hunter comics, and Robert Crumb, and others now in stock. Had to read some, to... um... make sure all the pages were there ;)


New stock shelved, Baseball, RPGs, Business, Computers.

Purchased some BaseBall books.

Shelved some Role Playing Game books, Business books, and Computer books.

Found a few to list.

Jasmine stopped in and offered to help.


New Stock shelved; Promotions

A customer mentioned that the calender listing for the Chris Lembesis Old-Time Radio signing ran in the OC Register this Sunday, so that's good.

Shelved some books on occult, magic, modern witchcraft, & UFOs.

Started digging into the boxes of 'better' stuff.

Finally got some of those Egyptian history books shelved.

Had to get a trans flush in the SUV, just about died on the way in to work this morning.

Adam Collings author of stopped by and sold me few copies of this old books. I'm going to see about getting him in for a signing on his new one.

Harry Potter and the missing ending!

Check your potter books, are a few reports of misprinted copies, with pages 643-674 missing at end, and some with skips from page 642 to page 707 to 730 then back to page 675.


Added a poll; new stock

Added a poll, what type of books do you like?

Finally finished sorting the last of that load from up north full of law books & self help.
Took pics of all the law books for customer.

1st load from a new collection, mostly romance paperbacks, arrived today.

Shelved a few comics.

It sprinkled for a few minutes this afternoon.


New stock; Religious Study, Fiction, Civil War, Harry Potter, German Playboys

Shelved the 2 boxes of religious study books, that I picked up last night.

Shelved 1 more box from a load that arrived the other day, computers, and how-to.

Traded in another box of fiction, civil war, and Harry Potter #6, and got them shelved already.
Signed Kelly Lange Dead File
Signed Jerry Kennealy - Green with Envy
Shelved a small collection of German Playboy magazines from 1999-2002.


More Movies

Finished & Shelved about 2/3 of the VHS movies.

The Naked Ape creators visited.


They're coming in faster than I can get them on the shelves :)

Put up a sign in the window about the Signing on the 28th.

Purchased 3 boxes, some classics were traded in = 3:1 for paperbacks.
Listed a few books.
I'm unable to get an account at Ingram, hopefully Baker & Taylor have better.


7 more boxes

Contacted almacendelibros.com about the grievous error in their shipment.

Purchased 7 boxes, lots of entertainment books, movie, tv, stars, etc., and some history and collecting.

And I'm on the way to look at some more now...

A Castle of Books Signing Events

Saturday July 28th - Old-Time Radio historian Chris Lembesis, along with Randy Eidemiller & Frank Bresee (host of The Golden Days Of Radio, radio actor), will talk about Old-Time Radio and sign their books. Chris and co-author Randy Eidemiller will sign their book SUSPENSE 1942-1962 RADIO'S OUTSTANDING THEATRE OF THRILLS which includes an introduction by legendary writer Ray Bradbury. Frank Bresee will sign his book Radio's Golden Years; A Visual Guide to the Show & the Stars. Also available for signing will be The Six Shooter, Quiet Please, and Dragnet by Chris Lembesis. (call or email to reserve a copy) 12 - 4 pm.


Saturday August 11th - Join us as A Castle of Books hosts an autograph party to celebrate the DVD release of "The Naked Ape" on Saturday August 11th at 4:00 p.m. with writer/director Daniel Mellitz, and cast Josh Wise (Rings), Chelse Swain (The Virgin Suicides), Sean Shanks, Amanda MacDonald (8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter), Tony LaThanh, and producer Kathy Mattes.


Saturday August 25th - Meet writer and artist Angus Oblong, creator of the animated TV series The Oblongs..., Author of Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children. He will have on hand Original Art, T-Shirts, self-published books, and more. 4:00 pm http://www.angusoblong.net/

(click image to see full size)

See photos from the signing!


Saturday September 22nd 4:00 p.m.
Surrealist Photographer Jeffery Scott (1019) will be Autographing his book Visions From Within the Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffery Scott (1019), and Original Prints at A Castle of Books located in south east Orange County at 7159 Katella Avenue, Stanton, 90680, just east of Knott Avenue, in the Katella Square Shopping Center on Saturday Sept. 22nd at 4:00 p.m.
Visual genius or visionary madman? Or both? Jeffery Scott is a photographic liar. Each image represents an average of fifty hours of meticulous work.

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Saturday September 29th 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.

Adam Collings signing his history of California. California: West of the West