Happy New Year's Eve!

Designed a tri-fold pamphlet with a map of the store & policies, that I'd been meaning to do for months.

Picked up some more toys & games.


Lots more Paperbacks shelved

7 boxes of paperbacks shelved, lots of newer stuff on the front spin racks. About 3 boxes of paperbacks in perfect condition. General fiction, lots of murder mystery, sf, fantasy, lots of young adult chapter books, teen romance.
Some better paperbacks out on the $1.00 cart, popular fiction.

Got a call from Bain.


Lots of incoming paperbacks in trade, some manga

Renewed craigslist ad & backpage ads.

Fairly busy day, mostly with paperbacks trades.

Nancy from Sunshine Books stopped by and we chatted about romance books and doing more signings.


More stock on the shelves!

More finagling with credit cards in the morning.
Shelved 4 stacks of hardcover SF/Fantasy.
NEW Manga.
4 Boxes of paperbacks shelved, general fiction, romance, mystery, religion, thrillers, sf, fantasy, and a few military.


California History, Collecting, Games

Shelved some California History, some books on Collecting - pottery, rugs, etc. and got a few more Games.


Bills and stocking on the shelves

Paying bills & balancing the checkbook all morning...

Shelved a stack of incoming stuff, some business, weddings, automotive, diving, and various other things.


Art shelved, old Leatherbound Young Adult

Finished the art books, and some old kids books.

Found another interesting inscription.


oh yeah, and merry x-mas!


Bills & Art

Paid rent & bills...
Did some filing that had been stacking up for a few months...

Finally got at those Art books purchased several weeks ago.and a couple other things.
Wind-up Musical Disney motion Viewer with Mickey & Train

Signed by Peter


Happy Holidays

I can't believe, I couldn't find a Christmahanukwanzica image online, and had to make one.

Finished the last of the Board Games and RPGs - unless I get more.

Cleaned/straightened up the front of the store & behind the counter a bit.

Shelved a box of paperback Fiction, Romance, & Mystery mostly.

Was a pretty busy day for Sunday.


Board Games & RPG, Signage

Cleaned up the email list a bit from the mailing last week.

Shelved/priced/listed another stack of Board Games and RPGs, almost the last of them.

Someone stopped in because they saw the sign on the car down by the corner where I parked this morning.

Put another yard sign up by the exit off the 22 last night, and it was still there this morning, hopefully I won't get in trouble for them.


Online - listings and websites

Returned phone calls in the morning.

Finally got a new listing of currently available books listed on the for sale blog. Getting to be too big a list.

More messing about with websites.


Opened a bit late, picked up some boxes for shelving, but they were just too big...

5 more online orders, added to the 2 from yesterday.

Cleaned out the corner somewhat.


Pictures of Books

Finished adjusting $1.00 shelves in the back.

Packaged up The Economist into sets by year and listed them.

Added pictures to a bunch of online listings.


More $1.00 books out front & fresh ones in the back

Packaged 5 online orders, but missed the mail... :(
Spent the morning maneuvering credit card debt around.
Cleaned and sorted books.
Added more to the $1.00 books section. Made the new cart into a $1.00 books cart for out front.
It's rainy so they're under cover.


Book Baron is Gone... really this time.

Book Baron - stopped by again to pick up the library cart I bought the other day, and they were letting dealers buy, so also picked up several boxes of magazines, a bunch of older National Geographics, a few Life & Saturday Evening Post, and various others.


Book Baron is Gone...


Book Baron going out of business sale - the final day - I finally managed to get over there, picked up a a couple of boxes, a bunch of California History, and some on Collectables, and Art.

Also more Board Games and some Fantasy Miniatures.


More Board Games and Collectable Trading Card Games

Board & other Games
Tons of Pokemon & some Magic the Gathering CCGs.
6 online orders this time, maybe this is the xmas rush... :}

Messed about with CC stuff for too long in the morning...


Art & how to do it, & Games both Board and Card

Purchased/Traded for a big stack of Art books, some how to, some specific artists monographs, and a bunch of history & overviews (janson's 1st-4th eds.)
Went and picked up another huge box of NEW Board Games: All Wound Up, Gravediggers, The Hobbit, Filthy Rich, Cosmic Encounter, The Honeymooners, Rumors, King of the Beasts, Tribbles, and Collectable Card Games - Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, DragonBall Z.

CC provider finally called back, and apparently he wasn't trying to scam me, it was all a mistake... well I'm going to give them a chance to make things right, but I'm really wary of them now...


some more Science Fiction Hardcovers shelved

More problems with CC service provider... bleah.
Said they were going to call, but never did...

Sorted & cleaned up the stuff that's come in the last few days.

Shelved about a half shelf of SF hardcover (20-30 books).

Processed 3 orders online.


Angel of eBay, Signage, webage

Messed about touching up the blog and website.

Angel on eBay
Porcelain Angel dressed in a Gold brocade and White lace dress from Roman Inc. Still MIB!

The box is dusty and the clear plastic window has popped in, but the Angel is in very nice shape, clean and unmarked.
There is no name or label on the box so I don't know the Angels name or the year it was released, but the packaging looks early to mid 1990's.
The Angel has a
porcelain head with red-gold hair and porcelain Gold feather wings with white highlights, porcelain hands holding a clear plastic crystal bead chain with gold ends, and is wearing a gold cloth brocade dress with a lace overskirt.
The box is 14 inches high and the angel looks to be about 13 1/2 inches tall.

Item No. 82547
UPC 089945825473
Made in Taiwan
Original price $49.95

Put the sign up on the SUV, if you thought the lettering on the back was tacky you'll really love this! The picture's a bit dark, I'll take another in the daylight.


Signs & Labels, CCs! :(

Ordered some plastic Yard-Signs, and some pre-printed labels for the label gun.

Shelved the rest of the RPG books from yesterday.

2 boxes donation, another 2 in trade.

worked on catching up with bills, and yelling at my CC service provider...

Had some fun making a display out of a dead monitor.


Role Playing Games - Fantasy, Horror

Went out this morning and picked up a large pile of RPG stuff, mostly fantasy Role-Playing Game books, also Fantasy Art books & Postcards, and Fantasy Novels. Some D&D 3rd Edition, a bunch of Vampire the Masquerade. Most of it in very nice shape, it should get out quickly.


rain on $1

Clean up and rearrange getting things back to normal.

Online orders doing well so far this month.

Started pouring all the sudden soaked the $1 cart before I noticed!

Started working on paperwork, but barely touched it.

NEWS Paddington Bear arrested by police and interrogated over his immigration status

Police set to quiz Paddington Bear

Press Association
Saturday December 8, 2007 11:08 AM

Paddington Bear will be arrested by police and interrogated over his immigration status in a book marking his 50th birthday, it has emerged.

The novel, to be published next June on the anniversary of his debut in A Bear Called Paddington, will see the stowaway from Peru interviewed about his right to remain in England.

The appeal of Michael Bond's Paddington books, which have sold more than 30 million copies and been translated into 30 languages, remains undiminished after half a century.

But Mr Bond, 83, was said to be reluctant at the prospect of writing his first novel about him for 29 years - unless he had a strong contemporary storyline.

The new book is again set around their home at 32 Windsor Gardens, Notting Hill, and revisits the stalls in Portobello Road where Paddington shared cocoa and buns with another immigrant, Mr Gruber, the Hungarian antiques dealer.

After being arrested, Paddington has no papers proving his identity because his Aunt Lucy had arranged for him to hide on a ship's lifeboat from Peru after she went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima.

Mr Bond was working as a BBC cameraman when a bear he bought in Selfridges for his wife on Christmas Eve inspired him to write the original novel, in which the Brown family adopt the homeless bear when they spot him amid a pile of mailbags at Paddington station.

Mr Bond has continued to write occasional short stories about his best-loved creation since the publication of Paddington Takes the Test, the last novel, in 1979.

He told "One of the very nice things about chronicling Paddington's adventures is that although the world has changed considerably over the past 30 years, he remains exactly the same; eternally optimistic and ever open to what life has to offer. It makes writing the stories a pleasure."

Paddington Here and Now will have a cover illustration by Peggy Fortnum, 85, who did the first drawings of Paddington. The 50th anniversary will also be marked by reissues of the novels and picture books and a new title, My Book of Marmalade.


Movie day 4 - final

Gah that was a lot more than I'd been told it would be, but it's over now. They were, overall, nice people. It was somewhat interesting watching them work. I wouldn't do it again very quickly :}