twice the old west

Purchased a set of Time-Life Old West, we now have 2 complete sets, one w/o the index.

Purchased some Art/Design books, and some old books & toys, most of which has been shelved.


Processed and packed some online orders.

Messed about with more music.

The Sign is up, but it doesn't light, you can hardly see it from the street anyway...


Dreary morning.

Packed and shipped most of the bulk order.

Managed to get a few things shelved,


Processed & packed the online orders.

Even without the dealer purchase, it was one of the first successful days at the new location, here's to more.

Messed about with some music recovery.


We finally put up the ephemera sign in the window.

Hubbell was here.

We sorted 4 or 5 boxes.

Cut the kitchen counter down to size, set up the kitchen area, and straightened up some of the storage area.

Cleared out some extra stuff.


more music

Shelved a large stack of CDs.

Hubbell was here.

Picked up a load of books from storage.

Sorted 4 boxes of mmpb's, shelved a few uncommon titles.


Just about filled in the Kids section

We shelved 5 boxes of kids picture books, just about filled the expanded kids section now.
Tevin was here.

Processed & packed the few online orders.

Shelved a complete run of Colonial Homes magazine (1977-1999).


buying and shelving

Lots of people selling in books today. We purchased a few literature, and some kids books, and turned down lots more.

Also took in some books on comics, and some toys.

Tevin was here.

We shelved 2 boxes of mmpb's, and a box of kids picture books.


Processed & packed the online orders for shipment.

Tevin was here.

Purchased a few kids books.

Paid some bills and did some accounting.


Purchased some more books on comics and toys.

Sorted a few boxes, shelved a few things, some kids books, cds, scattered mmpbs.


Processed & packed the online orders.

Packed up a stack of boxes for shipping out tomorrow.

Shelved a few CDs.


negative increase

Purchased 2 separate small batches of textbooks, and a box of mmpb classics.

Hubbell was here.

Pulled several boxes from storage, sorted 3 giant boxes of mmpbs, shelved a box of them.

Shelved several stacks of HB & TPB of all subjects.

Ended up buying more than selling today.



Managed to get more of the computers to work, mostly.

Processed & packed & shipped some online orders.

Hubbell was here.

Shelved 2 stacks of Hardcover, and 2 more of MMPBs.

Purchased a collection of HB & TPB comics, shelved most already.

Purchased a small collection of erotic art books.


a bookcase of books

Purchased a literal bookcase of books, they hauled in the whole smashed bookcase, with the books still in it.

Did some emails.

Roger from Once Read Books stopped by.

Donations of Magazines, some old books, and Comics in today.


Processed the online orders that had built up over the weekend.


Closing Early Saturday June 12 through Tuesday June 15

Saturday June 12th through Tuesday June 15th we will be Closing at 5:30


Purchased & processed 4 giant boxes of (mostly) young adult books.

Hubbell was here.

We shelved 4 boxes of mmpbs all genres, but a lot of Mystery.

Signage - finally.


Buyer vacation = No purchasing until Wednesday the 16th

Shelved a stack of Vinyl records.

Processed and packed the online orders.

Buyer vacation = No purchasing until Wednesday the 16th.

hmm very slow day.

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta.

OC Weekly now available

The free OC Weekly is now available at A Castle of Books, every Thursday.


stocking the shelves

Shelved all sorts of things, 2 collections of Twilight series books, more CDs, some Vinyl LPs, several stack of books, kids picture books, history, cookbooks, some VHS, and more.


Music CDs

Purchased a large box of music CD's, and shelved them already, many for only $1.00.
Processed & packed the online orders.


correcting the internet

Spent the day correcting the internet - changing listings of our old address & phone numbers.

William came back to fix the light, the Art section is now quite well illuminated.

Visitors today - Shelley, then later the local councilwoman.


Education books shelved

Took in a donation of Education books, and have mostly processed them, shelved some, some to the $1.00 cart.

Hubbell was here.

3 Boxes of mmpb's shelved.


Paperbacks shelved

Took in 8 boxes of donation, sorted them, shelved a few, dumped a pile on the $1.00 cart.

Hubbell was here.

We shelved 3 or 4 boxes of mmpbs, all genres.

Shelved 6 stacks of books.


2nd First Friday

It certainly brings people out, there are in fact still people wandering into the store at 15 after 10.

Sorted 10 boxes of mmpbs, took in some trades, shelved several stacks of books, some board games, and several toys.


Tomorrow is First Friday

We'll be open late!

Reducing History

Shelved around a half box more of those vintage art books.

Started to mark down the History section.

IRS agent returned, bah, was wishing they were done.

Purchased a box of literature and other books, then shelved them.



Shelved a few more vintage, but inexpensive, Art books.

Processed and packed the online orders.



We had two 8' t12 double lights installed in the History, Entertainment, Military, Art aisle, making everything very easy to look at.

Still attempting to mangle the computer.

Took in a box of Manga, mostly shelved.

Purchased a small collection of books.

Happy Memorial Day

We processed & packed more online orders for shipment tomorrow.

A fair crowd of customers did stop by in the afternoon.

Messed about with the computer more, likely doing more harm than good...