Thursday, September 03, 2015

Free Books & Author Signing for First Friday tomorow


It's First Friday tomorrow, don't forget to stop by and pick up all the FREE Books you want from our cart & table outside. There's lots of stuff out there this month, come and get some.
All Day Long. 9:30 am to 10:00 pm First Friday hours.
Then, if you feel the need, you can shop inside, among our over 40,000 unique items - books, comics, toys, movies, music & more.

First Friday Book Signing At A Castle of Books by Long Beach Resident John J. Fulford, Author of The Complete Guide to English Spelling Rules

Long Beach resident and retired professor John J. Fulford will be signing copies of his latest book, The Complete Guide to English Spelling Rules at A Castle of Books on Atlantic Avenue., Friday, September 4 from 6 PM.

Last month, Fulford launched a weekly blog discussing English spelling, its many quirks and the simple rules one can learn to spell American English correctly. No memorization, no silly rhymes. Simple rules. Most textbooks use a memorization method sprinkled with clever rhymes that were often untrue. Yes, “i before e except after c” is not always true. The blog is on Fulford’s website:

“When I finished my M.A., I turned down an offer to study for a Ph.D., preferring to continue my research into English spelling rules. I took a position teaching in a district near Los Angeles that had a large number of immigrant Latin American students who had very limited English.”

After earning an ESL certificate, John spent the next twenty years researching the history of English, studying the works of Noah Webster, taking post graduate courses in linguistics, and putting his theories into practice with his non-English speaking students. The culmination of his work is The Complete Guide to English Spelling Rules.

“This is the first and only book that has ever listed and explained all the rules that govern English spelling. It proves that there is a great deal of logic to English spelling and that there is a better way to learn how to spell than ineffective memorization.”

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