BUY (books from us)
All books are priced on the first (or second) page in the upper right hand corner, written or stamped in fully erasable pencil. If the item is in a bag or box there may be a price sticker instead. Less collectable items may have a price sticker on the first page.

We offer a  Free a search service for any item - while you wait. If it exists we can get one for you. (Sorry, we are not able to do searches by phone, please stop by in person.) We can order any in print Comic Book, Graphic Novel or Manga, and we can special order any New or Used Book, CD or other item. We will let you know what your cost might be before you need to commit to the order.

TRADE (your books for our books)
Not every book will be acceptable for trade, sometimes we have too many copies of particular titles or subjects. We need to check and see if it is something we can use. We need to see the item in person, we are not able to evaluate items over the phone, or via email. 

We trade mass market (or racksize) Pocket Books / PaperBacks  on a 3:1 ratio. Bring in three mass market pocketbooks that we can use and you can take one used mass market pocketbook for free. Trades should be for similar genre/types - mystery for mystery, romance for romance, etc. We may not accept everything, we will check to see if it is a copy we currently need.

We give credit for select Hardcover Books, DVDs, large paperbacks (‘Trade PaperBacks’ or TPB's), Toys, CDs, Records, Manga, VHS Video & AudioBooks (cassette or CD).

We will offer an amount of credit for the lot after individually examining each item in person, which can take 10-15 minutes per box.

You may bring in as much as you like, if you do not wish to use all of your Trade Credit on the same day, we will give you a Card which you keep (or may give away) that can be used to redeem the Trade Credits at any time. Unless specifically indicated, trade credit is only valid towards Used Books. Trade Credit is never valid toward New items, collectables, or special orders.

Donations are always welcome.

SELL (your books)    
We purchase select items. We are always looking for books in the subjects of Art, Military, Transportation (Cars, Ships, Trains, Planes), and History books of very specific subjects, as well as Toys and Games in their original packaging. We buy high quality books with DustJacket covers, or LeatherBound editions in any subject. We also buy Comics, Movies and TV shows, Music. We Pay Cash, but can always offer significantly more in Trade Credit.

We will be happy to look at anything you wish to bring by the store. It can take up to 15 minutes to evaluate a box of books. We stop buying at 6 p.m. So please be considerate of the time when bringing in a large collection. 

Due to manpower constraints we are generally not able to come to you, but exceptions might be made for donations, call for details.